Contrax Contax - FAQ


  • What Is Contrax Contax?

    We are the premier, INSTANT PRICING online platform that links homeowners and companies with local area home improvement contractors in your local small or large tasks, services, repairs, and events. We are in all 50 states and growing everyday!

  • What Services Are Provided?

    Good question, easy answer. Any and every service you can imagine, we can provide industry pricing. Our database of tasks and services is growing everyday. Search through our lists and find your what you need. If you can't find your tasks or service, or want to provide a task or service not listed, please contact our Customer Support team and we will review your request and possibly add your expertise to our database.

  • How Are We Different From Our Competitors?

    Let's cut to the chase. No longer do you have to buy credits and bid on jobs you will never get because of low ballers. No longer do you have to post your services on websites with no real information about your work abilities or previous satisfied homeowners. We let home improvement contractors build their own profiles so homeowners can see your work. For homeowners, you get to make a conscious choice by reviewing home improvement contractors through our ratings system and their work. Homeowners drive our system. You can describe your job, upload photos, get instant pricing, and get someone out to your site to get the work done. You don't have to worry about getting 3-4 estimates. We know the price and it's offered to the contractor at fair market value PLUS a discount.

  • Who Determines Job Prices?

    Job prices have been aggregated from industry pricing software to determine the best pricing for each job. Customers enter the job and based on the market price for the job PLUS a Contrax Contax discount, Contractors are offered to accept or decline the job based on the Customer input of the requirements. You won't finds a better pricing system in the industry (because we use the industry pricing software).

  • What Types of Payment Accepted?

    We currently accept credit or debit cards with the VISA, MasterCard, American Express logos at this time. We do not accept cash or checks.

  • How are Disputes Handled?

    Contrax Contax is only the medium between the Customer and the Contactor. We link the two entities together, give industry pricing, and process payments. Contrax Contax accepts no liability for any work performed or completed. All jobs must have adequate details given by the CUSTOMERS so the CONTRACTORS have all they need to complete. If a dispute arises between the Customer and Contractor a dispute claim will be issued and investigated promptly by our Customer Support staff. It's imperative that both sides take pictures of work to BE completed and work completed. Don't forget to upload the pictures into our system. Once a dispute resolution is determined, both sides will be notified and payments adjusted accordingly if necessary. Contrax Contax will make every effort to have both the Customer and Contractor resolve the issues amongst themselves for an amicable solution. Payments to contractors will be on hold (less Contrax Contax fees) until disputes are resolved.

  • Who Purchases Materials?

    Most jobs will need materials purchased to complete. Contrax Contax provides industry pricing for LABOR ONLY. Once the contractor arrives onsite the contractor should discuss materials with the customer and who will provide and/or pay for materials. Contrax Contax accepts no liability for materials or supplies needed for any job performed or completed.

  • What if Customer and Contractor Want to Make a Side Deal for Services?

    Contrax Contax cannot ultimately regulate the discussions between the customer and contractor. We highly suggest against side deals outside of our system. However, we can alleviate some issues through our process. One, is we will handle all disputes between the customer and contractor to insure quality work and fair payment. If the parties agree to a side deal, then Contrax Contax will not be a party to additional work disputes outside of the scope of services and pictures that are in our system. This is a benefit to customers if quality work was not completed, the customer can request a refund (less Contrax Contax fees) and another Contractor can be contacted to complete the job. Contractors benefit if the customer wanted more work completed than what was on the scope of services, Contrax Contax and make sure the Contractor gets paid for the job completed (if dispute is resolved in the favor of the Contractor). We highly encourage the contractor to work with the customer as the customer has the ability to effect contractor ratings.

  • Is There A Credit Card Processing Fee?

    Yes. Each transaction will require the PayPal credit card processing fee.

  • What is the Policy for After Hours, Holidays, and/or Emergency Services?

    Contrax Contax Inc., prides itself on being your one stop shop for your service needs. We understand these needs may carry on well into hours outside of the normal 9 to 5 business hours. For this specific reason, Contrax Contax Inc. is a 24/7 online service and Contractors are waiting to handle your emergencies. A nominal fee will be charged by the Contractor based on the circumstances outside of normal hours, but rest assure, we have someone available in your time of need.

  • I'm Having Problems Logging In?

    Some browsers may not be up to date with our software. 1st, check your registered email for a 'verification' email and click on link. 2nd please refresh your screen. 3rd close your browser and reopen. 4th try a new browser. Lot's of times it's 1 of 2 things...you didn't verify through email, or your browsers cookies settings.

  • How Long Is Given for Job Acceptance or Decline?

    Contractors are given 4 hours to accept or decline a job or the job will be removed from their queue. Customers will be notified of acceptance or decline and given an option to choose another contractor within the system for no additional fee.

  • I Can't Rotate My Profile Picture, Please Help?

    We are currently researching this issue. Please try to upload a different picture or change the orientation from the source in which you are uploading to our website.

  • Is There a Warranty of Services or Repairs Provided?

    Limited. We ask all of our contractors in our Terms and Conditions to agree to a limited warranty of 30 days beginning the time the work is completed. Customers will have an option to come back and give additional reviews for contractor who don't uphold our policy or do bad quality work.

  • I Want to Hire Someone For A Job, Where Do I Start?

    Thank you for utilizing our system. Register an account and login. Build your basic profile and either enter a keyword or search our database by category. From there you will receive pricing for your particular job. You will have a limited view of the Contractors available until you purchase a service call. Then you will have full viewing of the Contractor list and will be able to select a contractor of your choice. Here's where the fun begins. The system will notify the contractor your information, the service needed, and any other information submitted. You will be able to communicate directly with the Contractor through our system for scheduling and/or sharing information such as timeframes, photos, etc., to get your job completed.

  • When Is My Credit Card Charged?

    Your card will be able to select your contractor and get an acceptance of the job before we ask for your payment. Upon contractor acceptance, you will be notified by sms to deposit funds in escrow and will begin discussing the job with the contractor within the Contrax Contax system.

  • Is There a Sign Up or Monthly Fee?

    No. You will only be charged when the contractor accepts the job and you enter your payment information to be held in escrow until the job is completed.

  • The Contractor Didn't Show, What Now?

    Attempt to contact the contractor to resolve the "no show" and reschedule. If this is not satisfactory, contact our Customer Support and we will cancel the job with that contractor and you will be able to select another contractor. Further, you will be able to leave feedback to the contractor as a "no show" so other customers don't encounter the same problem. This WILL effect the contractors customer rating.

  • The Person At My Door Is Not The Person On The Profile Picture, What Do I Do?

    This is a customer driven system. Before opening the door, contact the contractor to verify they are at your door. If you feel uncomfortable, by no means should you open the door. Contrax Contax does everything possible to verify the information given by the Contractor and insure your safety, but you should go with your instincts.

  • How Do I Get Paid?

    We know this is the biggest question. It's simple. Accept the job, do the work, and money will be transferred to your account once the customer's funds have cleared their credit card. This can take anywhere from 24 hours to 1 week. If there is EVER a problem, feel free to contact our Customer Support to assist. Our current options for payment are PayPal and direct deposit. However, contractor is responsible for fees.

  • What If The Customer Doesn't Give All The Details About Their Job and We Need To Change the Price?

    Easy! As this is a customer input based system, there will be errors based on information provided by the customer. These could range from simple to complex. If pricing needs to be changed after you have arrived to the job site, just give Customer Support a call and we can make adjustments over the phone. A new confirmation of price will be sent to the Customer and Contractor in order to complete the job.

  • Are "Contractors" signed up with Contrax Contax legal "Contractors" or "Employees" of Contrax Contax?

    No. Our system only links the contractors with the customers, provides a medium for pricing, discussion, pictures, payment, etc. We use the term "Contractors" to describe the relationship between the Customer wanting a job completed, and the Person(s) completing the work. Contractors are not contractors and/or employees of any kind as it pertains to Contrax Contax and MUST agree to our Terms and Conditions to accept all liability for their work. If big jobs require issuance of 1099 documentation, this MUST come from the Customer in which Contractors are providing work. Contrax Contax doesn't pay any workers compensation, general and professional liability insurance as Contrax Contax is not providing the work performed or completed.

  • Can I Promote My Business to the Customers?

    Yes. Contrax Contax doesn't mind contractors giving customers their card or any other materials to promote their business individually. However, please understand that Contrax Contax will not process or handle and disputes for work performed or completed outside of the scope of service within our system. Therefore if payment is not received for a job completed, it is up to the contractor to utilize their own means for collection.

  • Do I Have To Be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

    Although we highly promote professional and general liability insurance, license, worker’s compensation and other coverage for your service area, we don’t require it to join as a contractor. However, this is a customer driven system in which customers can personally choose from a list of providers that have the requirements necessary to protect their homes and properties in case of negligence and/or an accident. Further, our rating system has a portion dedicated to the types of coverages needed for your service industry. You will not get the best of the best rating if you don’t have coverage for the services you provide. Contrax Contax Inc., has incorporated a list of affiliates in your area to assist contractor’s specific industry needs. Feel free to contact us for a list of insurance providers in your area.

  • Can I Cancel My Membership?

    Yes. You can cancel your membership at anytime prior to the 1st of each month. We process memberships on the 1st of each month. No refunds will be given after processing.

  • We Are A Business With Multiple Employees and Want to Use Contrax Contax, How Do We Use Your System?

    No problem. Glad you want to utilize our system. Each of your employees will have to sign up individually, but we offer a membership discount for businesses with 4 or more employees. Please contact our Customer Support staff to begin setup.

  • How Does the Contrax Contax Ratings System Work?

    Contractors are rated on a scale including various factors. You get valuable ratings points for uploading requirements such as driver's license, (verifiable) references, and pictures of your work. Some professions require license and certificates but not all. These are taking into consideration in our ratings system and customers will be able to view your ratings compared to other contractors. However, your documentation WILL NOT be released to the customers for your privacy. The most weighted portion of the rating system is your feedback from customers. You will be rated on timeliness, professionalism, quality of work, courtesy, etc.

  • Why have you NOT received any job offers?

    This could be a number of things, but from our research of customers, they respond the contractors; 1. Don't have a profile picture, 2. Don't provide their name or use one name such as "John", 3. No work related pictures uploaded. As a thought, would you hire someone you haven't even seen?

  • Do Contractors Share in the Service Call Fee?

    No. There is no service call fee. Contractors agree to waive this fee in order to use our system. This is a benefit for homeowners, however homeowners will have to put a minimum payment in escrow prior to contractors going out to complete jobs.

  • What About Diagnostic Fees for Some Jobs?

    Diagnostic fees are a on a case by case basis. Often if a contractor needs to troubleshoot a problem, the contractor needs to contact Contrax Contax Customer Support to adjust the pricing. Of course this will have to be verified by the customer through our verification system.

  • PLATINUM Membership $200/year?

    For a yearly fee of $200, contractors contact information will be publicly displayed for registered and not registered users to see. Contractors can be contacted DIRECTLY without using the Contrax Contax system.

  • SILVER Membership $10/month subscription?

    SILVER Membership - • Build Profile for Free • Upload pictures of previous work completed • appear as a contractor in local homeowner's search results in the Contrax Contax system • Timely completed job payments • Excellent customer service and support. • Public promotion display on the Contractor's Public Profile page for all Contrax Contax viewers to see• Viewers can see your name, skills, logo, customer service ratings, QR code, and pictures of your work without logging into the Contrax Contax system. This is a super deal to utilize the Contrax Contax system to get your company name out on the web with Google & Bing Rankings. A win-win deal for low cost advertisements and promotions. • Your business will be promoted to the Contrax Contax visitors in your local area.

  • GOLD Membership $15/month subscription?

    GOLD Membership - • Silver membership features PLUS; • Ability to PROMOTE & ADVERTISE your business with 4 monthly blog posts by your company for the Contrax Contax visitors to see and further promote your business and brand. • Promote your business and brand by giving registered and non-registered homeowners your expertise. Your blog posts will be valuable to anyone reading and you can bet your posts will be remembered when local area homeowners are looking for the perfect home improvement contractor which is YOU! • Your monthly blogs will further be posted on all of the Contrax Contax social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., pages for advertisements and promotions. This will further assist your company in search engine rankings such as Google and Bing.