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How It Works

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    Homeowners are able to register on Blukolr and give basic information about yourself. On the profile page, homeowners will be able to seamlessly navigate their orders in several categories and can have more than 1 order scheduled at a time. Home improvement contractors have various expertise and you can find professionals to unclog your toilet to planning your next bathroom remodeling task.

    Search For Tasks

    Searching for a task to complete in the Blukolr system has never been easier. Simply use the search bar and enter the parameters of your task. You may want to install roof shingles therefore you’re going to have to take some basic measurements or “give a birds view” estimate. Don’t worry, if your measurements are wrong, the home improvement contractor can correct with our Customer Service Representative to change your order as needed.

    (No) Service Fee

    Normally, home improvement contractors charge an enormous fee just to come out to your home and assess the task. Not with Blukolr. Our unique instant pricing system allows only local home improvement contractors within a systematic radius to show on your list of home improvement contractors in your local area. By using this feature, we can reduce many of the “hidden costs” associated with service fees as you will be able to pay for a job in escrow prior to contractor coming out to your home.

    Select Home Improvement Contractor

    One of the many beautiful features of using the Blukolr system is the ability to instantly find local home improvement contractors in your area. By entering your zip code parameters, the Blukolr system immediately locates home improvement contractors within a 50 mile radius that are equipped to complete your tasks. The Blukolr system won’t just display any contractor, our home improvement contractor are displayed based on their skills, information verification, and other quality points that make our system the most advanced system in the home improvement industry.

    Pay Labor Fee To Escrow

    The Blukolr system is built for success and fair market pricing. We have spent long hours and have a team of professionals that have studied, assessed, and utilized various proven references to come up with fair market pricing. We even display a few of our references for homeowners so you can be assured you are getting the right instant pricing for your tasks. Feel free to follow up with our references and you will see we stand behind our research. Occasionally prices will fluctuate but understand Blukolr has a qualified team to keep up with the home improvement industry and its markets. Once you're contractor has accepted the job, feel safe by paying your fee to escrow until you feel the job has been completed to your satisfaction by the contractor.

    Create Schedule & Communicate

    So you’ve hired the Blukolr skilled home improvement contractor. Now the real fun begins. Our system allows you to internally communicate with the home improvement contractor in an instant. The homeowner and home improvement contractor will instantly be notified through SMS texts regarding the Acceptance/Decline of tasks, when payment has been made, and the completion of the tasks.

    In addition to the important notifications, homeowners and home improvement contractors can discuss scheduling within the Blukolr messaging system by logging into your profile and reviewing your messages. Here is where you can discuss the schedule and other matters such as supplies and materials. Don’t forget to upload those before pictures and descriptions so the home improvement contractor can get an idea of the task at hand.

    Tasks Done

    Once accepted by home improvement contractor, the homeowner must “deposit” the labor funds into the secure Blukolr system. These funds are held until the task has been completed to the satisfactory approval of the homeowner. As our system is homeowner controlled, home improvement contractors will be tracked by the Blukolr team to insure professionalism, quality, and courtesy has been given to homeowners at all times. Once the home improvement contractor has completed the task, the homeowner must give their approval to release the funds to the home improvement contractor and rate them so other homeowners can gain from your experience.

  • Register for Free & Create Profile

    No longer do you have to post on a ton websites, wait for someone to call you for a job, buy credits, and hassle with pricing. Register with Blukolr., to begin the vetting process and let the homeowners come to you. Our proprietary system matches the home improvement contractor’s qualifications with the tasks in your local area. When building your profile, please upload some pictures of your work and definitely a profile picture. Many of our homeowner’s feedback as to ‘why’ they won’t hire certain home improvement contractors is simple…they don’t know who you are as you haven’t put a photo up for them to see who may be at their doorstep. So let’s get to building those unique profiles!

    Get Requests For Jobs

    The unique Blukolr SMS notification system alerts the home improvement contractor immediately that you have been selected for a task. When you receive the Blukolr notification, you should login to our website and review the task immediately. You can view the pictures uploaded by the homeowner and review the description of the task. Once accepted, you will have the ability to contact the contract by telephone or within our system.


    Blukolr values your time and knows you are juggling various homeowners and your own home improvement contractors. However, time of the essence and the task must be accepted or declined within 4 hours of notification. Homeowners have the ability to cancel the task sent to you or hire another home improvement contractor. Don’t worry, once you as the home improvement contractor accepts the task, you will be able to make needed order modifications or changes with our Customer Service Representative in the Live Chat feature on your desktop or smartphone.

    Don’t forget to discuss needed materials and supplies with the homeowner. Remember, homeowner’s needs and wants differ from task to task so be polite and professional. An acceptable bathtub in one area, may not be acceptable in another area. Blukolr leaves obtaining and delivery of materials and supplies solely upon the discretion and discussion between the homeowner and home improvement contractor.

    Complete Task

    Once the home improvement contractor has accepted the task you can contact the homeowner and schedule a time to arrive on-site. Courteously re-assess the task, upload pictures to the Contax Contax website, and professionally discuss the task with the homeowner. There may be times, the homeowner will leave out pertinent details of the tasks, but don’t worry, Blukolr is here to help. We are available during normal business hours Eastern Standard Time (EST) to assist with any changes that need to be made. We can contact the homeowner for new approval and send new notifications to the homeowner and home improvement contractor to confirm any changes. As always, we will adjust accounts as necessary to reflect the correct price for your task.

    It is VERY important you utilize your professionalism not only for the homeowner, but for future homeowners. Home improvement contractors are rated in the Blukolr system based on quality improvement criteria and feedback given by the homeowners. So be on your best behavior!

    Get Paid

    Now on to payment. How do home improvement contractors get paid? Once we verify through SMS notification the homeowner is satisfied with your work, we deposit the withheld funds from the homeowner right into your bank account. No longer do you have to hassle with payment processing. We batch our deposit payments on a weekly basis, normally on Wednesday to show in your account on Friday. Simple and easy. Now you don’t have to worry or have the hassle of payment processing. Blukolr is a complete link, tasks tracking, payment processing service for homeowners and home improvement contractors.

  • Video Tutorial

    Tired of reading about homeowners and home improvement contractors? Ok you got us. Sorry we are long winded. For a simpler version, just watch the "How It Works" tutorial and you should be able to get the gist of what Blukolr is all about. Don't forget you can chat with us live in the bottom right hand corner, during normal business hours Eastern Standard Time (EST). Enjoy!